Red Chilli Pepper 200g pack of 12


Red chilli pepper is common spice and comes in different rages of hotness from mild to very hot, our red chilli pepper is mildly hot  and ready to be used inside food or at the table.

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Adaku Foods Red Chill Pepper 200g pack of 12  (Canyenne Pepper) is what you will call the real dry cooking pepper , peppers gives colouring, flavour and spicy taste to meals. This pepper is mild and good for cooking, grilling and just about anything. It is dry and can be spread raw on food. Depends on the frequency of use but a 200g jar can last more than 1 month for an individual or family unit.

We are the sole distributor of Adaku Foods in UK and EU. The price purchased here are for UK buyers only, for EU please contact us, for Africa please contact Adaku Foods.

Minimum sale is for pack of 12 (2.4kg)

Note: Please avoid spices  if you have been proven to be allergic to it or consult your doctor before use.

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