Dry Breadfruit Seeds 750g Pack of 12


The African breadfruit seed is wild seed delicacy eaten all over the West African region, breadfruit is also widely eaten in other parts of the world. It is prepared with care with the option of adding other types of foods to it to bring out a delicious meal packed with nutrients.

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Adaku Foods Breadfruit Seeds 750g each  and  packed as pack of  12. This food is a serious delicacy due to seasonal nature and the nutrients it is packed with. This is wild seed eaten around the West African region and in different forms in other parts of the world. The African dry breadfruit is specially prepared with care and other foods like meat, fish, spices and others are added to it to add to it’s wonderful taste.

To lear more about African breadfruit please visit the manufacturer’s website.

We are the sole distributor of Adaku Foods in UK and EU. The price purchased here are for UK buyers only, for EU please contact us, for Africa please contact Adaku Foods.

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