Ijebu Garri 2kg Pack of 12


Garri is a favourite staple foods amongst West Africans with different types and taste of produced around the West African region , Ijebu Garri is a type of garri that is  well sought after for it’s taste, finesness and multiple use.

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Adaku Foods Ijebu Garri is packed as 2kg and comes in pack of 12 making it 24 kg. Garri is also known as Cassava flakes which is very popular staple food  in West Africa and those West Africans  living all over the world. The Ijebu Garri is a type of Garri that is produced to taste sour and has a very fine look with supposedly  less calorie than others. It can be use as a normal meal to eat with vegetable soups or eaten light soaked in water with peanuts, sugar(or sweetner) , milk, coconut , eaten with beans , Moi moi and many other African meals. To lear more about Ijebu Garri please visit the manufacturers website.

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Weight 24 kg
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