About Us

Master Digital Services Ltd is a private limited company based in Basildon Essex United Kingdom. We provide services in different sectors of the economy by integrating the physical and digital part of any business to work in tandem.
The business started then as sole tradership in 2008 and transformed into a private company in 2011,  headed by it’s CEO Michael Nwokeji whom with the rest of the team are responsibile for maintaining and charting new course for the company. Over the years we have focused on offering different services that touches the lives of people in different ways.

Africa being an emerging economy means there are loads of opportunities to grab, one of the best ways we did that was to join the African supply chain by providing import and export services to some of the big economies in Africa and focusing on Nigeria as one of the most biggest economies in Africa. Our Brand MDS CARGO takes care of this and provides top notch services in this industry with a robust online outfit to make freight easy for customers and staff.

Afodel is another brand of Master Digital Services Ltd, Afodel.com is solely a digital platform that provides a shipping marketplace for Freight agents, forwarders, customs agents, couriers, recoveries and many more to mention. This enables customers and service providers to transact logistics business securely, Afodel is a FREE service to use and is world wide .

MDS Courier is strictly a parcel booking and price comparison platform pooling most top parcel delivery companies together and providing customers with one of the cheapest ways to send Parcels within UK and to other parts of the world. Book the likes of DHL, UPS, DPD Fedex from MDS Courier platform.

Book Track Deliver is our cherished brand of free hosted software for  startups, small and medium sized businesses in the freight forwarding sector no matter what country a forwader is from . BTD is a freight forwarders management system that does wonders and takes care of invoicing, tracking , communications as tailored to the forwarding industry. BTD is a FREE sofware to use by any forwarder, courier, transporter etc.

My Cargo Agent is the commercial version of BTD with more features like generation of company Bill of Lading, Air Waybill, Manifests and other features. My Cargo Agent has  options of hosted solution or standalone application that is completely private and secured.

Web, Software and App deveopement is one area we are very strong with a great team and years of background in the industry, these services are well advanced these days and is fast becoming almost impossible to ignore for any business or individual. It is your idea, we will just make it come to reality with constant support.

Digital Marketing means communicating with your audience electronically, we have digital marketers with years of experience to help you drive growth. Whoever says its a one day or one month thing is joking, it is a consistent thing that does not stop and only experts will provide the best advice, we have a great team and support for this.

Ecommerce Development is a vital service we provide to customers to make sure they are not losing out in the digital economy worth trillions of dollars. It is a shame that most businesses are still missing out on  this. Posting a random product or service on social media may not do the magic, building an ecommerce profile from offline street or market store to your own digital store online focused on your particular type of customers is our job.

Recruitment in business is no joke, this can make or break any business, having the right staff to man serious tasks in any organization is the key to success. From logistics, health and information technology , we are ready to replace or completely provide the manpower for a business.

Procurement in business is inevitable, If your business does not have the money to employ a full procurement personel to run things then we can help with a one off service or a business can form a procurement business relationship with us.

Business Consultation: We absolutely love providing mentorship support for startups and small businesses that are less than 5 years old. Let an experienced and successful  business person with more  than 10 years in the business sector  look over your business plan with you and offer suggestions that will produce result. You cannot beat experience,  please book your slot  here .  

Household And Foods:

MDS Tropical Foods is focused on the supply and distribution of tropical foods from Africa  to UK and EU and serving the huge number of African Diaspora in these places. Currently we are the sole importer and distributor of Adaku Foods® , A Nigerian Food packaging company focused on packaging of everyday Nigeria staples.

MDS General Store has always been part of our business where we sell household, Foods, Electronics, Toys, Games, Clothing, Sports goods and you name it. it has always been an online store front for goods we have in our warehouse. We can also be found on Amazon and Ebay marketplaces.

On all of the services we provide at MDS , we have a dedicated team that will offer support and training , just make a contact and we will be right with you.

Many thanks as we look forward to receiving you as a new customer while thanking our old customers for their custom.