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Talk to us now

+44(0)798 4935 042

Visit our offices

LCS 5 Lamson Road , Rainham Essex.

  • Website Development  & Maintenance

    Website Development & Maintenance

    Websites are developed for a purpose and only the project owner understands what the purpose is for. Once the purpose is well explained to our development team, we will help the owner achieve it.
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  • Software Development & Testing

    Software Development & Testing

    At MDS, we provide you with the software that would serve the need, we do this by looking at your company's needs and then develope or source the best packaged software that is less costly and will get the job done.
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  • Advertising & Marketing

    Advertising & Marketing

    It is not surprising that most businesses believe that once a website is built and launched online then the traffic will just flow like water towards it. Advertising and Marketing is actually the main game to play.
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  • Ecommerce Development

    Ecommerce Development

    Developing your business to start from order to payment online is still a puzzle for most businesses. If this feature is not present in your business you may be missing out on more than 50% potential customers that may have used your services online. We are here for you .
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MDS is fully committed to its clients & exercises conscience in our business dealings


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Website Development

Website Design

Now you have a business and it is time to go online with your business. Tell us what you want and we will use our expertise to make it a reality.

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Mobile  Application

Application Development

Put your business right into the hands of your customers , let them access your business on move, anytime and anywhere.

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Digital Marketing


Your customers went digital long time ago, dont be left behind, let us follow them now into the future and stay ahead of them.

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  • Design and maintenance at it's best

    MDS is a professional company that delivers and your design project on time and at the same time we will present you with a maintenance plan. Our maintenance plan may extend from technical to non technical. Give us a call on +44(0)7984935042.
    • One on one customer care
    • 24/7 online help
    • On call consultants
    • Affordable services

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  • Reputation matter to us.

    We will not take on your job if we cannot finish it for you. Clients usually have a good idea of what they want and our job is to make it a reality. If we cannot help you put this idea to reality, then we will happily let our client know and even go extra mile to offer referal if possible.
    • Professional transaction
    • Support you always
    • Bespoke Services
    • Honesty
    • Straight to point
    • Collaboration

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Be confident in our services

Web Development

Frontend , Backend, content management system(CMS), Wordpress, Joomal and just about everything in web development. Your work is just another project for us and we will work with you to the finish. We will host your website with the best hosting platform and provide custom programming anytime.

We Maintain

Do not count your business as one of those businesses with a well built website that lacks attention, it is as good as not having one. building a new website or already built one? Bring it to us to review daily or monthly and help you bring your website to it's deserved audience.

Ecommerce Development

We specialise in developing small and medium sized businesses for the internet. Have you got that product or services you want customers to order and pay online? Or do you want us to help you sell in other platforms like Ebay, Amazon etc?

Logistics Development

You are a small logistics company and you want to go online with bespoke systems? You want bookings and payments to be taken on your site? You want Sub Agents to transact business on your system? Consider your job done, reach out to us.


Everything digital is where you are supposed to be when it comes to marketing and advertising. MDS will set up all your digital marketing to suit and provide the best results for your business. We will emply SEO, PPP, Email marketing, Social Media, content marketing and different methods of digital marketing. Go ahead and relax knowing we are marketing for you.

Database Analysis

Whether a small company or big company, every business maintains either full or database of customers and company activities. Do you think you dont need a database management in your business? know now that data is king! Let us evaluate and your database and show you key datum being ignored by your business that is serious lifeline. Already know what you want us to analyse? Please reach out to us. We work with most major database platforms.

Software Testing

You build and we test for you. Software testing has always been a vital part of any software development lifecycle . We have an expert knowledge of software development life cycle testing skills and applying Agile methods for Agile testing.Let us work with you from the outset to develope a proper testing solution or bring us in at any time in your project, we will collaborate to deliver a fantastic service to clients.

API Integration

Application Programming Interface (API) is the bridge that will enable you interact with another data within your business systems or with another third party systems. We are on hand to facilitate this for you. A business boosting it's online presence will sooner or later require an API integration. We can handle any API integration job with our pool of programmers.

Hear from MDS clients

  • BSBSWhen our organization turned to MDS to help build our web presence, they came up with exactly what we wanted and offered 6 months free support.

    BSBS Basildon Side By Side
  • EziMDS sales team approached our business and sold us the idea of developimg our fashion business for the web, we bought this idea and never regreted it .

    Ezi CEO
  • JESWe have been with MDS for years now and they keep delivering fantastic support and services . Always available to offer support.


Let Us

Develope. Maintain. Support .

Leave it to us to offer you a professional web development within your scope and budget, We cater for all types of customers with all types of budget, just speak to us with the above .

Give us the permission and we will continue maintaining your website for you. Website maintenenace is where the major work is and this will be a break or make issue for any business

No headache with support, we are here to offer you support always. Our support may also include training on how to better manage your website technically.

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MDS Business

Master Digital Services. LLC.
Founded in 2008, we have gradually built from bottom to top and we are still building. MDS is fully committed to its clients and exercises conscience in our business dealings with clients.

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Client satisfaction is at the core of our values,to be in business and successful, the client has to have 100% approval of your business services.

We offer a win win situation to clients and then make sure honesty is in the middle of our client relationship.

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