A freight forwarding firm arranges deliveries for people or companies to transport items to a consumer, client, or final point of delivery.

Many freight forwarding companies are operational in the United Kingdom, but some might not ship items from the UK or European countries to Nigeria. If you wish to have your items transported from the UK/Europe to Nigeria, you might want to consider these freight forwarding companies.


1.    MDS Cargo

When it comes to freight forwarding, MDS Cargo is a force to reckon with in this sector. Its expertise is unparalleled, and the company offers excellent customer service to keep clients satisfied. MDS Cargo’s highly integrated IT system caters to all types of customers, including commercial and individual freight.

The company’s staff are well-trained to safely transport items to their final location. Over 350,000 items have been processed so far. Procurers and sub-agents can also join the MDS Cargo network and benefit from the platform and tools provided by the company. The price of shipment is moderate, and discounts are readily available. All of this has earned MDS Cargo the top spot on our list.

2.    UK UNITY

Since its inception in 2004, UK Unity has supplied low-cost air freight, marine freight, and international courier services from the United Kingdom to Nigeria. The company has been in business for over fifteen years and has seen continuous growth thanks to its top-notch services.

3.    Cargo Afrik

Cargo Afrik, a Nigerian air and sea freight firm established in the United Kingdom. With over 2000 drop-off stations around the country, this firm serves the entire United Kingdom and offers freight forwarding services from the region to Nigeria. Door-to-door cargo services, transportation, excess airline passenger luggage, trade cargo, and automobile shipment are just a few of their offerings.

4.    EON Logistics

EON Logistics varies from the major UK freight forwarders in that it devotes more time and personal attention to each of the customers, handling all their international shipping and paperwork needs. It ends up taking away their clients’ stress and allowing them to concentrate on their operations.

5.    Fando Freight

Fando Freight is a rapid and dependable door-to-door freight program that enables economical air cargo and dependable sea transportation from the United Kingdom to worldwide locations.

The company supplies door-to-door goods to Nigeria, safe water shipment to Nigeria, cargo shipment to Nigeria, door-to-airport cargo service to any location in the globe, business procurement from the UK and EU, and storage and removal services in the UK.

6.    Intercargo

If you’re exporting to Nigeria, Intercargois another freight forwarding company you could consider. With several aircraft flying every day and transportation lines leaving each week, it provides expedient freight service to all worldwide delivery points.

7.    Transglobal Express

Transglobal Express has been offering door-to-door delivery services as well as air and naval freight transportation services for over 25 years.

Through a network of major global carriers and providers, their objective is to provide amazing service at a reasonable price. Commercial items, personal possessions, urgent papers, and extra luggage may all be transported easily using Transglobal Express services.

8.    A-b Cargo Express

A-BCargo Expresssends air freight to Nigeria and all-around Europe from the UK. The company provides low-cost services without affecting quality. It specializes in transporting air cargo to Nigeria from London.

9.    Himal Courier

Based in Woolwich, London, Himal Courier provides quick and cost-effective courier services internationally, utilizing all modes of transportation in partnership with reputable and leading firms such as DHL. Papers, presents, packages, excess luggage, and personal items may be sent to Nigeria with assurance.


UK2NAIJA will deliver your packages to almost anywhere in the world, including Nigeria. Whether it’s a letter, luggage, automobile, or essential machine part, they’re ready 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, to guarantee your items are successfully received, handled, dispatched, and transported.

Disclaimer: The writer based this publication on different factors that best describes the businesses listed here as at the time of writing and ratings may change for different reasons in the future, customers should always apply their best  knowledge when choosing a company to deal with.