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Let us call you back to the issue of website security, you may not be aware that your website is constantly being hacked or hacking attempts made regularly. Sometimes i wonder why some people would own websites and abandon their sites. Some of these sites were designed with high budget and it's painful when you see such sites being neglected by their owners.

Start by checking your site today for malicious codes and blacklisting,  if you are an active webmaster  it is very difficult to get your site hacked with malicious codes   because you would be doing the following;

  • Visit your website regularly or several times a day
  • Back up your home directory and databases daily or  weekly


I just stumbled on this  interesting article on SEO and felt i should share it with you.

The issue of search engine and page ranking seems to remain a big secret in the internet world. Achieving a high page rank and high traffic through search engines is a huge task for web masters, getting up there is not easy but it takes a lot more to maintain the status quo once a site hits it big with the search engines. Please see an excerpt from a blog below;

"The original PageRank algorithm was described by Lawrence Page and Sergey Brin in several publications. It is given by

PR(A) = (1-d) + d (PR(T1)/C(T1) + … + PR(Tn)/C(Tn))"

Please continue reading by clicking  :



Thanks for your continued presence on our blog, please note that we are continously calling for articles from members to hep us build a solid online presence that will serve all.

Now getting straight to business as usual, we would like to introduce you to some good virtuemart modules that would help enhance your shop. Please note that there are so many open source ecommerce platforms out there but if you are somebody that uses joomla virtuemart, please take a look at these two modules.

1. VIRTUEMART PRODUCT SLIDESHOW: This module helps give your product display that bright and animated touch that would attract a visitors attention. It can be customised and postioned anywhere. Putting it at the top is always the best. This is non-commercial.

2. MAGIC ZOOM VIRTUEMART COMPONENT: This component helps visitors and customers to zoom out a product image as a clear bigger image  by placing the mouse on the image itself . This would help to enhance the look of your products. This is commercial.

It is advisable tp present product images in white backgrounds. Please contact MDS if you would like to set up a store online.



Recently i had an arguement with a friend concerning the best open source  ecommerce softwares  to use , at the end of the day we agreed that they all serve different purposes but he actually made a case for wordpress ecommerce solution which i have never really been convinced about. After reading his wonderful article, i decided to publish it here as he has made a strong case for wordpress.

"Building Successful Store is very difficult Process But with wordpress its become easy. Recently the wordpress market folded with Free and premium E-commerce plugins and templates with quality function and easy management.  Today I will write about some of quality Plugins and wordpress that’s can help you to start up your online store not only this but also some premium service provided by E-commerce experts Like Shopfiy and Others."

You can read from his personal  blog here .



Recently a visitor was trying to comment on this blog and also posting some codes for us to help out, he was having problems with his joomla template and when we asked him to post his code here for us to see, he became frustrated after posting it so many times with the codes being converted into characters  like  &lt; and &gt;. The thing here is that wordpress would normally interprete anything inside < and > as if it's html. For a quick guide on how to solve this please visit this article here.


Prestashop not updating when CSS changes are made

It never used to be a problem but in the recent versions of Prestashop 1.4.8 , any modifications made to the template files are not immediately reflected, in some cases simply deleting the browser cache may solve the issue but just in case this issue cannot be easily resolved, then you need to get to the store admin and force compilation.

Go to store admin > Preferences > Performance .

Click on the radio button  that says Yes to "Force Compile", usually the default is No, then save, go back and refresh your store front . Once the changes have taken place , please come back to the admin and take it back to the default No and then save again.

Please read the information explaining its operation or any other operation before you do anything.


Image not showing in IE Fix.

Trust me on this, IE can be a headache when it comes to css but i guess we cant do without it in the sense that large majority of internet users continue to use it as default browser. I almost screamed when i heard one of my client openly criticised other browsers in favor of IE.


You made some modifications and added a background image through css to a div box and everything is fine in other browsers but does not show in IE.


Just before you start reading the many confusing solutions on the internet, check that your image attributes are well spaced, in my case i had code like this

background:white url('/img/top.jpg')no-repeat;


Notice how everything is pulled together without space, this can be well interpreted by other browsers but IE would not forgive you for this.

Try this code below and allow enough spacing;

background:  white   url('/img/top.jpg')   no-repeat; 

Notice the spacing. Try this fix first and refresh your page .


(CSS)Using Spacer to stop content jumping out of frame

I know how it feels to spend hell of time setting up a web page in css and then all of a sudden something goes wrong and the browsers does not display it correctly. Some of the contents jumps out of frame and messes up the page.

There may be  several reason why this is happening, please check the following.

1.  Go back and review the whole css and html codes to see that you are not missing to close 'div' in html or ' {'  in css or any other character that was neglected or not well nested.

2. If you page has loads of css  floating, try using a blank 'div' with the size of the page to separate the areas horizontally. In my case i would use ' <div id="spacer"> </div> in html and the #spacer {width:enter size; height:enter size;} ' in css.




Problem with Joomla 2.5 Template using discover

For most designers that would like to use their own custom template on Joomla, the 1.7 and 2.5 Joomla template system poses a little challenge . The most important thing as i have stated in the last article is to make sure that you have the templateDetails.xml file sorted.

You may experience this problem on a Joomla 2.5 custom template if you are using the discover option to install your template. "Call to member function of non-object: setDebug()".

Do not panic if you experience this problem , please visit this site here to see how this could be solved.



Contact Form Not Working in Prestashop

When a contact form is submitted in Prestashop, it produces an error that says ' Server Not Found'. This problem can be very frustrating but can be linked to little manipulations in the admin.

Firstly the the url that is generated with the contact form but preferably, just go to the admin and check your SEO and URL Tab as explained here.

As explained in the above stated link, the problem may be caused by the double back slash in the main shop  url. This can be altered by logging into Admin > Preferences > SEO & URL Tab.

Note: This problem is now fixed with the latest versions of Prestashop, it is better to upgrade

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