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Sometime back i was looking for good script to set up an online family tree for my family and after some searches, i came up with this below, trust me this is a very good script, a little bit complicated but solid.


PhpGedView is a revolutionary genealogy program which allows you to view and edit your genealogy on your website. PhpGedView has full editing capabilities, full privacy functions, can import from GEDCOM files, and supports multimedia like photos and document images. PhpGedView also simplifies the process of collaborating with others working on your family tree. Your latest genealogy information is always on your website and available for others to see.



Hello All,

I know this might sound like one  thing everybody knows but i can bet you that you would be surprised to discover the amount of people using wireless connections on their laptop that do not understand this.

I remember putting on  my laptop one day and with the happy smile of diving into the internet world but i was surprised to find that i couldnt get online, i tried everything i could, went into the wireless network display window and found that i could not search out any available wireless network around me which is very unusual. The window was completely blank.

Honestly, i thought my ISP or modem was having problems but just i was about to call the company after some hardtimes on trying to find the problem, i took one close look again around the laptop and discovered a switch with a wireless symbol around it and it was switched off. I switched it on and there i was back on the internet.  I felt really ashamed of myself that i didnt think of it before.

About a month after, my cousines wife was crazy about her laptop messing her up and after talking to her on the phone, i knew the culprit immediately. I directed her on what to do and that's it. She was back online again.

How did this happen in the first place? , Well its just a little human error of mistakenly switching it off without knowing.

Hope this helps.



Initially i had written something on  learning the basics of html  and this little information on html tables would also form a part of the whole in the html arena.  Creating and using tables is a very vital part in html and web designing in general. Tables can be used to structure a page which has now given way to CSS but table has always proved to be a handy tool in listing or structuring some contents in a webpage.  Now lets work you through a basic html table without beating around the bush.

I will simply write a syntax  and basic explaination for table and then you can sort the rest out by doing a little bit more research. Thats how people learn, if you want to learn coding then you must practice it.

Lets get down to business now. Please note the explainations by the side of the  table elements are just html comments and does not constitute part of the syntax.

To view this you can copy it and paste in a html page.

<table> <!-- the begining of the table tag or table opens -->

<tr><!-- you are telling the table to create a row -->

<td> Your table data here </td><!-- you are creating a data you want in a format -->

<td> Your table data here </td><!-- the same as above-->

</tr><!-- You are closing the row-->

<tr><!-- You are creating another row -->

<td> Your table data here </td><!-- you are creating a data you want in a format -->

<td> Your table data here </td><!-- the same as above-->

</tr><!-- You are closing the row-->

</table><!-- You are closing the table-->

There you go and your basic table is created, however in our next class, we will do more with the table. To view this table just copy and paste it in a html file and view in your browser. We assume that you must have known how to create a simple html page before creating a table in html.

Hope this helps



I was in a forum searching for an answer on how to find and edit a particular part of a CSS file  and i stumbled on the firebug . Simply put, this firefox addon is one of the best experiences for any web developer, all you need to do is simply download it from the site, then after it as been installed you would see the great difference it will make in your developing experience.

To access  firebug after it has been installed, please go to tools and then click on firebug to open up.

Practically just open up any webpage you would like to take a look at the codes, then go to tools and open up firebug, you would immediately see the a new window with options of viewing html,  css and DOM. If you are good with your browsing, it wouldnt be that hard to get around. It will even indicate what part of the site any code you see on the firebug is associated with. Please read an extract from firebug below.

"Firebug integrates with Firefox to put a wealth of development tools at your fingertips while you browse. You can edit, debug, and monitor CSS, HTML, and JavaScript live in any web page..."

Hope this helps.



Thank you guys for all the support i have been recieving since i started putting up this blog, i have tried to make sure that i cover those little problems that might appear to be simple but at the same time poses a big problen for the everyday internet user and designer.

Remembear we covered the issue of installing a php script and setting up your site. Now there is a major problem that comes with editing the files associated with these scripts. Because of the fact that there are so many files associated with these scripts to edit, the best thing to do is to take it gradually.

Let us start by answering some common questions:

How do i identify a file that needs editing?

Normally , you do not go about editing a file that does not need editing, while browsing through pages, the page that needs editing would usually have it's page extension on the browser like home.html, home.asp, home.php, all you need to do is go to the server and look for this particular file, sometimes it could be a file that is inside a folder like admin/includes/home.php.

Please look for the files according to the folder where they belong and sometimes  you might find that some of the files had been integrated into the other, in this case you would have to read through the whole lines find the actual file to edit, now one of my best tricks is to use the source code view on your browser, this would normally present the whole files as one and then you would know where to find what you need. A good script would normally leave comments to aid the editing.

How do i know which code to edit ?

This is a little bit tough, in this case you must be atleast half or basically knowledgeable in the language used on the page you want to edit, i would advice you to back up the files you want to edit and then if there is any mistake, you can quickly replace the file to the status quo.

If you read through the codes very well, you should be able to know which lines you need to edit. lets say you want to change an image in a page from "Mike.jpg" to "Mike.gif", all you need to do is look around the codes in the page where you feel the image is, then change it accordingly. The same goes for the html or php codes, usually you see a similarity between what you are looking for and the codes in the page.

The best advice is to look for an expert in this field.

What is the relevance of the header and footer php files ?

Most php scripts like forum scripts, cms scripts etc  would normally have a file header.php, header.tpl , footer.php,footer.tpl. This provides users the ease to add and remove contents to the head and foot of the sites. As usuaul it is better to always backup the files before they edited.

These two files are very important because in a site, most people would like to change the looks of the head and the foot site regularly and this can be done through these two files.

What about the CSS files?

Coming soon!



Hello all, if you are wondering where to get a free ftp program (file transfer protocol) , please try FTP COMMANDER for a free download. Just when you have downloaded it , you will see the image below.

typical ftp commader interface
typical ftp commader interface

The left side links you to the files and folders on your computer , while the right side links to your web server. To transfer files you would need to open the files you want to transfer and then use the arrow pointing right or left to do that, that means you can transfer files/folders from  your computer to your  server or vice-versa.

To set up the server, please click on the top right menu "new server" to set up your server. This is basically your ftp details. Please see the image below for the server set up page:

Server set up page
Server set up page to configure your web server

Please click on the picture to enlarge the image more so you can see how to fill in your ftp details.

This system may vary in different ftp programs but the logic is basically the same.

Have Fun.

CORRECTION PLEASE: In the server configuration page, please  use your ftp username and ftp password in the provided spaces and not any username or any password as was mentioned in the image.



I had a  joomla site i was developing for a client recently but by the time i decided to extend it in a sophisticated way as i always do with my sites, but to my surprise i couldn't upload any module as it keeps producing errors like "Please enter a package directory".  Actually this gave me a little headache because i could not imagine having a site i can't module up the way i like but after looking around , i finally solved the problem.

Now lets follow up the errors associated with these one after the other.


  • Go to Admin control panel
  • Go to" Site" on the top menu
  • Go to "global configuration"
  • Click on "Server"  on the top menu
  • Scroll down and get to "FTP SETTINGS"
  • Juts enter your normal FTP settings by your host and then save.

This will elimate those FTP errors you get in red colours when trying to upload a module. It will also help to solve most error problems you get  around the site related to FTP.


There are two approaches to this.

1. Just download the extension you want to install, unzip the files

Open up your ftp program or root folder in your server and then create a folder and call it any name, then upload the files you want to install to that folder, then go back to your install/uninstall under extensions menu and then use the option  "install from directory" Change the directory url to your latest folder where your inteded files are stored i.e  /home/user/public_html/your new folder

Then click on install and you are done.


2 The second approach which is the simplest one is to simply dowload the extension, then do not unzip it or if unzipped, use a zip program to zip up the folder and then use the "Upload package file" option to upload  and install the  extension.

Afterwards you can click on module option and then configure and enable the actual module installed.

If you are having problems with these please let me know by leaving a comment here.

 Hope this helps out.



Hello All,

Thanks for your recent emails concerning some issues in joomla but let me share some of them here with you.

PROBLEM: you posted an article and all of a sudden your joomla page does not load very well anymore or does a partial loading with some of your modules disappearing on your page.

SOLUTION: The major culprit could be the source of the article you posted, if you posted an article which you copied from microsoft word, the probabilty that you would be importing unnecessary codes into your post would be great. To address this issue, simply click on the "html"  icon  on your editor and then edit the post manually by removing all the unwanted tags. It would be easily fixed if you have a good knowledge of html but if you dont have then dont panic.

You can simply paste the article in a notepad and then afterwards, recopy it and then paste in the joomla editor and you should be okay.

Hope this helps out.



A lot of the recent posts i have been putting up have been focused on our "computer hardware and software fixes" category but this is because recently a lot people are calling me up to fix their computers due to serious virus attacks, some of these can only be fixed by re-installing the operating systems but for now lets focus on the virus issue i encountered recently.


A client's laptop had been seriously infected by an ativirus software that invaded its memory and messed up everything on his computer including his screen colour was changed to dark so the desktop is completely invisible. The good luck was the fact that this computer can still boot normally and connect to the internet but you cannot download as there are no memory to run programs etc. All the antivirus on the computer was expired and new ones cannot be downloaded from the internet because of memory issues


The good thing about this virus is the fact that it shows itself as an antivirus program asking you to upgrade, i simply did the following;

I clicked on the "start" button, then clicked on "All programs" and when the list of programs appeared, i checked to see if i can identify the virus in the list of programs, luckily it was there having known the program to look for. I right clicked on the program and then clicked on properties to see the whole information regarding this program. On the properties tab, i was able to see the folder and file causing these problems, since i was using Windows Vista, i copied the whole folder and file path and pasted it on the search form immediately you click on "start" icon , this helped locate the folder and file after some little search , i tried to delete the file but it refused.

After some attempt trying to delete the file with no success, i finally took the option of renaming the file. This is intended to disorganise the file path so it cannot find the file anymore to execute with that name and luckily this worked. Just to make sure i have changed the name, i tried to search for the old file path and couldnt locate it anymore.

After this the system was rebooted  there we go, everything went well, the page loads normally, the internet and web pages became easily accessible etc.

I changed the desktop appearnce from dark to bright colour and there we go. I was then able to purchase the latest version of antivirus and cleaned up thoroughly.

Hope this helps out.



Hello All,

It has been quite a  while since i last blogged about anything here but like i always do in regards to going straight to point, i would like to highlight a little problem using @import url("css file")  to call your CSS file from your html file.

Recently i listed a site for sale but to my surprise, after i upgraded my firefox browser to 3.5.3, the sites pages looked all messed up . I went back to my css file and checked everything and they were okay. I also checked the browser shots page to compare my site on different browsers, some of the browsers displayed it good and some displayed like the firefox i was using.

Finally i got to the answer, it looks like some browsers or recent browsers  have problems recognising the call of the css file using @import url(" css file")


I simply changed the call to the css file to normal standard below and it was fixed. Please remember to remove the @import in the heading of the main css file if you wish to use the method below.

<link rel="stylesheet" type="text/css" href="/file.css" title="stylesheet" />
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