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I just stumbled on this  interesting article on SEO and felt i should share it with you.

The issue of search engine and page ranking seems to remain a big secret in the internet world. Achieving a high page rank and high traffic through search engines is a huge task for web masters, getting up there is not easy but it takes a lot more to maintain the status quo once a site hits it big with the search engines. Please see an excerpt from a blog below;

"The original PageRank algorithm was described by Lawrence Page and Sergey Brin in several publications. It is given by

PR(A) = (1-d) + d (PR(T1)/C(T1) + … + PR(Tn)/C(Tn))"

Please continue reading by clicking  :


The rising cost of Search Marketing Online.

In 2006 when i decided to try the Search Marketing advertising with Google, it was a bit easy then to  place an advertising target and achieve it but nowadays, we have seen that the search marketing world is not for small businesses anymore. As more bigger businesses get into online advertising the cost of keywords have become so high that small business are completely knocked out and now looking at  other alternatives. But the question is which alternative can be compared to Google at the moment?.

Please read   on  as a Google's offer  Search Marketing tips.

Googler Offers Search Marketing

Tips for Small, Local Businesses

When it comes to online advertising, Google is king. When it comes to search marketing in particular, Google has no peer. While nearly every major company in the U.S. has now invested advertising dollars into internet marketing, smaller businesses can easily run into roadblock if they don’t have the expertise or personel to implement a successful strategy in this brand new world of marketing.



Search Engine Optimization - The basic way out

One of the biggest confusion on the internet today is in the area of  Search Engine Optimization (SEO), we just don't know what Google wants but the if you are a seasoned webmaster you should know that you wont go wrong with the basics.

These basics are keeping your Title, Description and keywords at least  95% relevant to the content of the page. Let us read from the article below.

Search engine optimization (SEO) can be overwhelming for most business owners. Even though much information has been written on the subject, there is a lot of conflicting data.


Putting Up a Spider Freindly Site

I am sure most webmasters are used to clients asking them why their websites could not be found online on Google  after one day of publishing it or after handing over the site to the client, the client does nothing on the website and blames the designer for not getting traffic to their website. Please read the article below.

10 Tips for a Spider Friendly Site

What exactly is a spider? Electronic spiders, also known as bots or crawlers, are how the search engines find your site. These spiders are sent out on a mission to find information on the millions of websites that exist. They crawl through the Web making lists of words found on websites. These words are the key to people finding the information for which they search.


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