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PHP is a server side programming language and runs mostly on all platforms. The server just needs to have a php interpreter installed that can interprete all php scripts installed in it. PHP also interacts with databases like MYSQL. Most servers have MYSQL because its free and open source.

Okay lets take you down the road straight away but before we do that let us talk about the things you will need in order to go through this tutorial very smoothly. I will base this tutorial using a server with a CPANEL platform. I think you will need the following my freinds.

  • A php script of your choice depending on the program you want to run .ie forum script, dating site script etc .
  • An ftp program in which to upload your files your server and an ftp access to your server.
  • A server running on any platform but preferably a Cpanel platform
  • A MYSQL database access directly through your server or through the MYSQL site itself.
  • A good documentation of the installation process you want to run , this can be found in the READ ME .txt file of the script you want to install or through the script vendor home page .


Thank you guys for all the support i have been recieving since i started putting up this blog, i have tried to make sure that i cover those little problems that might appear to be simple but at the same time poses a big problen for the everyday internet user and designer.

Remembear we covered the issue of installing a php script and setting up your site. Now there is a major problem that comes with editing the files associated with these scripts. Because of the fact that there are so many files associated with these scripts to edit, the best thing to do is to take it gradually.

Let us start by answering some common questions:

How do i identify a file that needs editing?

Normally , you do not go about editing a file that does not need editing, while browsing through pages, the page that needs editing would usually have it's page extension on the browser like home.html, home.asp, home.php, all you need to do is go to the server and look for this particular file, sometimes it could be a file that is inside a folder like admin/includes/home.php.

Please look for the files according to the folder where they belong and sometimes  you might find that some of the files had been integrated into the other, in this case you would have to read through the whole lines find the actual file to edit, now one of my best tricks is to use the source code view on your browser, this would normally present the whole files as one and then you would know where to find what you need. A good script would normally leave comments to aid the editing.

How do i know which code to edit ?

This is a little bit tough, in this case you must be atleast half or basically knowledgeable in the language used on the page you want to edit, i would advice you to back up the files you want to edit and then if there is any mistake, you can quickly replace the file to the status quo.

If you read through the codes very well, you should be able to know which lines you need to edit. lets say you want to change an image in a page from "Mike.jpg" to "Mike.gif", all you need to do is look around the codes in the page where you feel the image is, then change it accordingly. The same goes for the html or php codes, usually you see a similarity between what you are looking for and the codes in the page.

The best advice is to look for an expert in this field.

What is the relevance of the header and footer php files ?

Most php scripts like forum scripts, cms scripts etc  would normally have a file header.php, header.tpl , footer.php,footer.tpl. This provides users the ease to add and remove contents to the head and foot of the sites. As usuaul it is better to always backup the files before they edited.

These two files are very important because in a site, most people would like to change the looks of the head and the foot site regularly and this can be done through these two files.

What about the CSS files?

Coming soon!



Hello all, if you are wondering where to get a free ftp program (file transfer protocol) , please try FTP COMMANDER for a free download. Just when you have downloaded it , you will see the image below.

typical ftp commader interface
typical ftp commader interface

The left side links you to the files and folders on your computer , while the right side links to your web server. To transfer files you would need to open the files you want to transfer and then use the arrow pointing right or left to do that, that means you can transfer files/folders from  your computer to your  server or vice-versa.

To set up the server, please click on the top right menu "new server" to set up your server. This is basically your ftp details. Please see the image below for the server set up page:

Server set up page
Server set up page to configure your web server

Please click on the picture to enlarge the image more so you can see how to fill in your ftp details.

This system may vary in different ftp programs but the logic is basically the same.

Have Fun.

CORRECTION PLEASE: In the server configuration page, please  use your ftp username and ftp password in the provided spaces and not any username or any password as was mentioned in the image.



Okay here we are again, This might seem simple to a lot of gurus but to a new user in this field , it would be a riddle that needs to be solved. Most of the little things being written by me in this blog relates to the questions that are commonly  asked by my clients with little coding and webmastering experience.

Now lets get back to our topic which is backing up your files and databases using cPanel. One good thing about using a cpanel hosting platform is the fact that a lot of things are already inbuilt into it. So lets go now and back up your files and databases

Go to your cpanel(normally you must log in)

Find the backup icon

click on the icon

you would be taken to a page that features links to backing up your home directory or restoring your home directory.

Since you are backing up all you need to do is click on the button that asks you if you want to "download or generate full website backup", this would include all your home directories and databases,  or if you want to do partial backing up, this means that you want to either backup the home directories only or the databases only.

When you click on any of these options, it will open in a zip file and which you can now store in any directory in your computer. please take care where you store these because this would be needed if your site crashes. A good websmaster would do  backups everyday and especially for those running a database driven website, then the databases would need to be backed up daily.

Why is it good to do backups?

Any site can crash or be hacked into  and so this calls for you to have a backup ready, even if you don't know how to restore your site, you can get a person with a good technical know how to do that for you but also, the person would need  your backed up files or he/she wont be able to do anything .



This is just a quick one , if you are having problem accessing your database through  phpmyadmin on a server running a cpanel platform, please make sure you are not logged in as the root, make sure you are not logged in through WHM.

Another very important note to take is that even if you use the same password for your WHM and cpanel login, it will always log you in as a WHM user and you would not be able to access your database using PHPMYADMIN, in order to avoid this situation please make sure the two passwords are not the same.


Domain resolving issue (Cpanel default page)

Hello All, thanks for continuously reading my blog, recently a client hosting with us asked a question about problems they were having on their dedicated server.

Problem: On a dedicated server, after creating an account and configuring the domain name servers very well, site is uploaded and it still does not resolve to  the domain, instead it produces a default cpanel page saying that cpanel is installed on this server. This can be a headache sometimes but try the following:

Solution: You many either wait for about 1 -72hrs , may be the domain is still propagating or if you are on  a dedicated server, try restarting Apache. To restart Apache go to your server if you are using c panel whm, then on the left menu under the heading "Restart services" look for the link "HTTP Server(Apache)"  choose yes if asked to restart server.

After this process, please clear your browser cache and type in your site url again into your browser, you should be ok, please contact your host to help out if all these does not work out.

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