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Initially i had written something on  learning the basics of html  and this little information on html tables would also form a part of the whole in the html arena.  Creating and using tables is a very vital part in html and web designing in general. Tables can be used to structure a page which has now given way to CSS but table has always proved to be a handy tool in listing or structuring some contents in a webpage.  Now lets work you through a basic html table without beating around the bush.

I will simply write a syntax  and basic explaination for table and then you can sort the rest out by doing a little bit more research. Thats how people learn, if you want to learn coding then you must practice it.

Lets get down to business now. Please note the explainations by the side of the  table elements are just html comments and does not constitute part of the syntax.

To view this you can copy it and paste in a html page.

<table> <!-- the begining of the table tag or table opens -->

<tr><!-- you are telling the table to create a row -->

<td> Your table data here </td><!-- you are creating a data you want in a format -->

<td> Your table data here </td><!-- the same as above-->

</tr><!-- You are closing the row-->

<tr><!-- You are creating another row -->

<td> Your table data here </td><!-- you are creating a data you want in a format -->

<td> Your table data here </td><!-- the same as above-->

</tr><!-- You are closing the row-->

</table><!-- You are closing the table-->

There you go and your basic table is created, however in our next class, we will do more with the table. To view this table just copy and paste it in a html file and view in your browser. We assume that you must have known how to create a simple html page before creating a table in html.

Hope this helps



I was in a forum searching for an answer on how to find and edit a particular part of a CSS file  and i stumbled on the firebug . Simply put, this firefox addon is one of the best experiences for any web developer, all you need to do is simply download it from the site, then after it as been installed you would see the great difference it will make in your developing experience.

To access  firebug after it has been installed, please go to tools and then click on firebug to open up.

Practically just open up any webpage you would like to take a look at the codes, then go to tools and open up firebug, you would immediately see the a new window with options of viewing html,  css and DOM. If you are good with your browsing, it wouldnt be that hard to get around. It will even indicate what part of the site any code you see on the firebug is associated with. Please read an extract from firebug below.

"Firebug integrates with Firefox to put a wealth of development tools at your fingertips while you browse. You can edit, debug, and monitor CSS, HTML, and JavaScript live in any web page..."

Hope this helps.



Hello All,

It has been quite a  while since i last blogged about anything here but like i always do in regards to going straight to point, i would like to highlight a little problem using @import url("css file")  to call your CSS file from your html file.

Recently i listed a site for sale but to my surprise, after i upgraded my firefox browser to 3.5.3, the sites pages looked all messed up . I went back to my css file and checked everything and they were okay. I also checked the browser shots page to compare my site on different browsers, some of the browsers displayed it good and some displayed like the firefox i was using.

Finally i got to the answer, it looks like some browsers or recent browsers  have problems recognising the call of the css file using @import url(" css file")


I simply changed the call to the css file to normal standard below and it was fixed. Please remember to remove the @import in the heading of the main css file if you wish to use the method below.

<link rel="stylesheet" type="text/css" href="/file.css" title="stylesheet" />

Making Your HTML Static Page Dynamic Through Feeds

One of the problems faced by webmasters with a static html websites is how to make it dynamic and also how to increase it's popularity with the search engines. Every good webmaster understands that search engines likes dynamic pages and this is one thing giving rise to use of content management systems. I would argue that despite all the features offered by most CMS, some webmasters only need a basic use of it.

As usual most webmasters would like to feed constant dynamic contents to their static html pages which gives it that changing look and may attract some search engines to it.

After some good reserach you would find there are many ways to link up your blog contents or contents from other places of interest to be updated regularly on your static page.

If you are interested in this, you may like to try  Google Feedburner, i find it to be one of the best and most stable. When you have created your account, follow the instructions and set up your feed.  To publish on your web page, just choose Publicize and the BuzzBoost.


(CSS)Using Spacer to stop content jumping out of frame

I know how it feels to spend hell of time setting up a web page in css and then all of a sudden something goes wrong and the browsers does not display it correctly. Some of the contents jumps out of frame and messes up the page.

There may be  several reason why this is happening, please check the following.

1.  Go back and review the whole css and html codes to see that you are not missing to close 'div' in html or ' {'  in css or any other character that was neglected or not well nested.

2. If you page has loads of css  floating, try using a blank 'div' with the size of the page to separate the areas horizontally. In my case i would use ' <div id="spacer"> </div> in html and the #spacer {width:enter size; height:enter size;} ' in css.



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