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Joomla (21)

Joomla - You do not have access to the administrator section of this site - Quick solution

Problem: Unable to log into Joomla administrator. The login form keeps returning back with the error You do not have access to the administrator section of this site.

Solutions: Quickly ask your hosting provider if there were recent server changes or upgrades. For a quick solution, you could use ftp or cPanel editor to edit the configuration.php file. What this would do is to allow you a temporary unsecure access to your admin area and then let you add a new super user to login with and change the admin password details.

At the end of the configuration.php file please add the following code and replacing 'myname' with the name of the admin super user you can remember the password.

public $root_user='myname';


Afterwards, you may log in and make the changes you want. Please do not forget to delete this code from the configuration.php file.

See more instructions here


No Joomla Admin Login Form Showing in Backend

Problem: You are not able to log into your Joomla backend all of a sudden . No login form is shown , you just see a blank white or blue screen .

Solution: I would  ask my hosting provider if there were recent server upgrades or file restorations done recently that may have triggered this. If this is not an immediate post installation problem i would need to confirm this from the host.

Secondly you may check your Site/administrator/modules  folder and  see if the whole module folders are complete and especially the mod_login folder. If they are not, then download the files of the exact Joomla version you are using . Use FTP To reupload themissing modules back into the /administrator/modules  folder.

Note. Take note that the target is site/administrator/modules folder  and not site/modules folder

Get more information here on problems relating to Joomla Login



I had a  joomla site i was developing for a client recently but by the time i decided to extend it in a sophisticated way as i always do with my sites, but to my surprise i couldn't upload any module as it keeps producing errors like "Please enter a package directory".  Actually this gave me a little headache because i could not imagine having a site i can't module up the way i like but after looking around , i finally solved the problem.

Now lets follow up the errors associated with these one after the other.


  • Go to Admin control panel
  • Go to" Site" on the top menu
  • Go to "global configuration"
  • Click on "Server"  on the top menu
  • Scroll down and get to "FTP SETTINGS"
  • Juts enter your normal FTP settings by your host and then save.

This will elimate those FTP errors you get in red colours when trying to upload a module. It will also help to solve most error problems you get  around the site related to FTP.


There are two approaches to this.

1. Just download the extension you want to install, unzip the files

Open up your ftp program or root folder in your server and then create a folder and call it any name, then upload the files you want to install to that folder, then go back to your install/uninstall under extensions menu and then use the option  "install from directory" Change the directory url to your latest folder where your inteded files are stored i.e  /home/user/public_html/your new folder

Then click on install and you are done.


2 The second approach which is the simplest one is to simply dowload the extension, then do not unzip it or if unzipped, use a zip program to zip up the folder and then use the "Upload package file" option to upload  and install the  extension.

Afterwards you can click on module option and then configure and enable the actual module installed.

If you are having problems with these please let me know by leaving a comment here.

 Hope this helps out.



Hello All,

Thanks for your recent emails concerning some issues in joomla but let me share some of them here with you.

PROBLEM: you posted an article and all of a sudden your joomla page does not load very well anymore or does a partial loading with some of your modules disappearing on your page.

SOLUTION: The major culprit could be the source of the article you posted, if you posted an article which you copied from microsoft word, the probabilty that you would be importing unnecessary codes into your post would be great. To address this issue, simply click on the "html"  icon  on your editor and then edit the post manually by removing all the unwanted tags. It would be easily fixed if you have a good knowledge of html but if you dont have then dont panic.

You can simply paste the article in a notepad and then afterwards, recopy it and then paste in the joomla editor and you should be okay.

Hope this helps out.



Have you just uploaded a new template in your joomla site and you just cant get it to appear even after choosing it as the default template?, well how did i solve that problem?. It's very easy, just get to your template directory in your sever and give it a write permission  777. Actually thats how i was able to solve my own problem.

Dont panic about that next time , just remember it may be a folder permission problem and so please try the above mentioned solution.


Note: In the Latest joomla versions starting from 2.5 you may look into using the 'Discover' option or check your template xml file to see that the template names are well confirgured. It must match the template name in the file.



Recently another client of mine was having so many issues with his joomla site and this was really really driving him mad. The major problem was his host that keeps turning off his site due to the fact that it is causing overloading to the system on a shared hosting. Please note that this same topic was previously written about in this post here but this is just an update on a related issue.

Problem: Please see a list of problems that you may be experiencing with joomla server overload:

1. My site loads too slowly

2.It gives you an error page when it loads

3. I'm regularly switched off by my host and i have been asked to turn on my cache before my site would be put back online

4. My site loads into a white dis organized page (first check that you are not importing articles from a microsoft word)

5. I have been warned by my host that my site is using too much resources.


1. I would recommend that you get rid of some un-necessary modules you dont need and delete them entirely from the site and server as these may be calling up some database queries even if they are disabled ( A case of bad programming).

2. Another thing is to go to your hosting provider and check if you need to move to a bigger server space either a VPS or Dedicated server, i know most hosting companies would like to push you to do this but make sure you are seeking the best advice. Check your Bandwidth limit used up monthly and your remaining disk space and then determine if you will really heed their advice and try to get a second and third opinion from an expert in the related field, you can do this by simply visiting hosting forums online and asking questions. Most forum members are usually very helpful and would offer you the best and truthful advice they can give.

3. If your case is the case where you are using up too much resources, please take note, if you are on a shared hosting or VPS, please tell your hosting provider to  help you delete your trash bin, usually you would not have access to this trash bin , you may think you have deleted all your trash from cpanel admin but really that is not the case. A helpful hosting admin was able to dig around the problem and found that my client had 18 GB worth of trash not deleted. Once this was done, the site's speed was up again and there was little issue with resource. so it is really advisable to let your host make sure all the trash has been deleted.

Thanks and watch out for more update.



I am actually tired of apologizing all the time to my readers for lack of constant updates on this site. Please bear with me as i have a lot to handle these days but just like i always do, let's get down the business straight away.
I dont know why but me and a client of mine got frustrated with joomla recently when it started loading partial pages and loading pages with the template css missing and also calling up templates and modules that has already been deleted. We did a lot of research in this field and after coming up with no tangible answer to fix the problem right away and of which the last option was to re-install joomla again, we decided to wave goodbye to it and move to another CMS.  A programmer demanded a large sum of money we couldn't afford to help fix this issue but we were quite concerned that the problem may develope again in the future as we are convinced it's a bug problem with joomla.
Drupal offers a very good platform and very stable with less module and bad programming issues you get with joomla. Though the graphic user  interface (GUI) and editor in joomla are superb and also the ability to install modules and configure them easily are better in joomla, drupal on the other hand offers you the ability to be independent and develope your site to your taste. if you ask me, i would say Drupal is actually a bit for advanced users.

Well just to cut the long story short, if you find yourself in our shoes and would like to move to Drupal, migrating to drupal from joomla is as easy as can be, it takes just few minutes depending on your database size.

To do this please follow this link  here and if you have any more problems please let us know. I decided to post this here because a lot of discussions may confuse people on the best approach but i find this approach to be the best so far.

Hope this helps out!



Again let's call to your attention a little problem with Module title not showing after you have designed your own custom templates. Normally the basic joomla template tutorial which many would tend to follow would show you how to go about your template design but  after designing you may find out that your modules do not show titles even for the fact that you have commanded it to do so in  the joomla admin .

Normally you will get a code like this to display module '<jdoc:include type="modules" name="left" />',  to get it to display module titles just replace it with this one '<jdoc:include type="modules" name="left" style="xhtml" /> '

Notice that the only thing added there is only 'style="xhtml" '



Hello all, i just can't explain why i am  so lazy to blog these days, there are so many things to blog about but let's get down to business right away.

I know many people who run their sites on joomla would like to have a separate login page set up as a menu link as opposed to the normal login form appearing as a module, especially when you are using virtuemart. Well to do this is very simple.

Just login into your joomla admin > click on menu manager and try to set up a menu under the menu section you want > then afterwards choose type to link the menu to a type > choose "user" in the list and then choose "default login layout"  > Just publish your menu and you should be done by now.

Normally this works with virtuemart because by default, virtuemart is linked to joomla user database if you opted to make it the same.

Note: Applies to 1.5 - 1.7 and normally should apply to other versions



When a new template had been uploaded to joomla admin and set as a default, when you try to view the new template, it produces a blank page with "Restricted Access" written on it.  I know this can be a pain as you would be  lost on what the issue and the solution is.

Cause of Problem: This means that you were using a template built for the older version of joomla.

Solution: In this case you would have to log into your joomla admin panel, Go to Extensions on the top menu > Go to Plugin Manager > and then when the list of plugins open up. Look for this plugin "SYSTEM-LEGACY". Just enable this plugin and then refresh your front page. i think you should be okay then.

Hope this helps!

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