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PHP is a server side programming language and runs mostly on all platforms. The server just needs to have a php interpreter installed that can interprete all php scripts installed in it. PHP also interacts with databases like MYSQL. Most servers have MYSQL because its free and open source.

Okay lets take you down the road straight away but before we do that let us talk about the things you will need in order to go through this tutorial very smoothly. I will base this tutorial using a server with a CPANEL platform. I think you will need the following my freinds.

  • A php script of your choice depending on the program you want to run .ie forum script, dating site script etc .
  • An ftp program in which to upload your files your server and an ftp access to your server.
  • A server running on any platform but preferably a Cpanel platform
  • A MYSQL database access directly through your server or through the MYSQL site itself.
  • A good documentation of the installation process you want to run , this can be found in the READ ME .txt file of the script you want to install or through the script vendor home page .

Alright thats about it, take a cup of tea and lets get down to business:

Now open your folder containing the php script you want to install and take a look at the file structure, after that you can close it or leave it open if you want.

If you already have an FTP (file transfer protocol) program, then you can connect to your server using your ftp program. Please contact me if you do not understand these or search more in our blog database for how to use an ftp tutorial. They are all basically the same procedure but some interface differ and may confuse you.

Lets assume you already know how to use an FTP program, then the next step to take is to quietly log into your server using your ftp and then upload all the files in the php script folder on your computer to the folder you want to install it in your web server. It is either in the "public_html" folder ( /root/) which is the root directory in your server or any other sub folder ( /root/your sub folder/ ) within the root that you would like to install the script.

After you have finished doing that then lets log into your cpanel.


Okay the first thing we are going to do is embark on creating a MYSQL database for your new php script. please take note that not all php scripts needs a database but we are assuming that this one is a database driven php script.

In your CPANEL please find the icon that says "MYSQL, mysql databases" and then click on it to create your database for the php script you want to install. In the new window that opened do the following

  • Create a database ( that can be any name you like but relate it to your script if you like)
  • Create a username and password
  • Assign the username and password to the database created
  • Assign "ALL PRIVILEDGES" to the user

NOTE: Your database can also be managed through PHPMYADMIN ( we will get to that in the following lessons but let us install your script now. Please remember to write down or take note of your database name , user and password. you will need that for the installation process.


Different php scripts have different installation process, most of the scripts will take you through an installation wizard but some will require you to manually do the installation and that will involve mainly manually creating tables and inserting values into tables created but dont worry about that , you will get to learn how to do that when we treat the MYSQL database section.

Also take note that some php scripts will either come with a folder named "INSTALL" or a single file called "install.php". If it comes in a folder, you wil usually find the "install.php" file in the "INSTALL" folder. So its either (/root/install.php) or (/root/INSTALL FOLDER/install.php) .

NOTE: Please consult the script documentation for full instructions on how to install as it might differ from this tutorial.


  • Find the install.php file and point your mouse to it or simply type ( or to the browser just as it applies to the file structure in your web server.
  • After you have done that usually an installation wizard will appear asking for your database name, username, password.

Note: Please use this format if you are using a CPANEL server platform. when you create your database, user and password in the cpanel, it will usually look like this yourcpanelusername_databasename. Use this format to fil up your info. it goes like this;

DatabaseName = yourcpanelusername_databasename

DatabaseUsername = yourcpanelusername_username

DatabasePassword = your data base password

DatabaseHost = localhost

Once you have filled up all these informations and clicked on install button , it will be checked by the system and a form will appear to fill up your site administration information(informations used to administer your site please remember these)

Follow up all the procedures and then your site should be available to you. it wouldnt take more than 10 mins to do all these if you have a fast computer and have followed all the necessary installation procedures.

We will cover how to install manually in the next tutorial. (COMING SOON)

meanwhile have a nice time and enjoy your new php script. If you need further tutorial or help with your installation please let me know by using our contact form.


See some of the comments on this article lifted from our former blog on this article:



Use this link to contact us


will you please give me your mail id?


Hello Ujita,
Sorry for your problems, please could you point us to the script you want to install so we can read it, sometimes the scripts documentation would request certian files permissions to be enabled before installation.Alternatively you can email us your admin details so we can run the installation for you free of charge.


hello…. i followed the steps given in this blog but i’m getting error…. the admin page is not coming… the link to my site is:
will please any one help me out?
Thank you…..


Hi, I have found an excellent solution which is as below.



Hello What do you mean by any pdf hosting, i think any host should be able to host pdf if i get you right

Micah Jamison

Hey there, are you able to recommend any good free pdfhosting sites? Take care

Jeremiah Ramirez

if you are going to get a VPS server make sure that it has cPanel coz it makes server maintennance easier.`.,

Valeria Kelly

It is also easy to backup and transfer all your websites from one server to another server if you have cPanel installed,`’


Hello Melvin,
Welcome to our blog. Firstly, i would recommend that you make sure you keep atleast 3 browsers updated on your computer all the time.
For this problem , i would first of all check if javascript had been enabled for IE , you can do this through the tools menu. If that does not solve your problem, try re-downloading another version of IE as this may fix the issue.

May be it is worth reading through this

Hope this helps out but if you still cant solve this issue, then please let us know so we can do more research towards it for you.

Melvin Jarrard
This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Hello, I found this article while searching for help with JavaScript. I’ve recently changed browsers from Safari to IE. Just recently I seem to have a issue with loading JavaScript. Everytime I go on a website that requires Javascript, the page freezes and I get a “runtime error javascript.JSException: Unknown name”. I cannot seem to find out how to fix it. Any aid is greatly appreciated! Thanks


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