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LCS 5 Lamson Road , Rainham Essex.

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Hello all, if you are wondering where to get a free ftp program (file transfer protocol) , please try FTP COMMANDER for a free download. Just when you have downloaded it , you will see the image below.

typical ftp commader interface
typical ftp commader interface

The left side links you to the files and folders on your computer , while the right side links to your web server. To transfer files you would need to open the files you want to transfer and then use the arrow pointing right or left to do that, that means you can transfer files/folders from  your computer to your  server or vice-versa.

To set up the server, please click on the top right menu "new server" to set up your server. This is basically your ftp details. Please see the image below for the server set up page:

Server set up page
Server set up page to configure your web server

Please click on the picture to enlarge the image more so you can see how to fill in your ftp details.

This system may vary in different ftp programs but the logic is basically the same.

Have Fun.

CORRECTION PLEASE: In the server configuration page, please  use your ftp username and ftp password in the provided spaces and not any username or any password as was mentioned in the image.

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