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LCS 5 Lamson Road , Rainham Essex.

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A lot of the recent posts i have been putting up have been focused on our "computer hardware and software fixes" category but this is because recently a lot people are calling me up to fix their computers due to serious virus attacks, some of these can only be fixed by re-installing the operating systems but for now lets focus on the virus issue i encountered recently.


A client's laptop had been seriously infected by an ativirus software that invaded its memory and messed up everything on his computer including his screen colour was changed to dark so the desktop is completely invisible. The good luck was the fact that this computer can still boot normally and connect to the internet but you cannot download as there are no memory to run programs etc. All the antivirus on the computer was expired and new ones cannot be downloaded from the internet because of memory issues


The good thing about this virus is the fact that it shows itself as an antivirus program asking you to upgrade, i simply did the following;

I clicked on the "start" button, then clicked on "All programs" and when the list of programs appeared, i checked to see if i can identify the virus in the list of programs, luckily it was there having known the program to look for. I right clicked on the program and then clicked on properties to see the whole information regarding this program. On the properties tab, i was able to see the folder and file causing these problems, since i was using Windows Vista, i copied the whole folder and file path and pasted it on the search form immediately you click on "start" icon , this helped locate the folder and file after some little search , i tried to delete the file but it refused.

After some attempt trying to delete the file with no success, i finally took the option of renaming the file. This is intended to disorganise the file path so it cannot find the file anymore to execute with that name and luckily this worked. Just to make sure i have changed the name, i tried to search for the old file path and couldnt locate it anymore.

After this the system was rebooted  there we go, everything went well, the page loads normally, the internet and web pages became easily accessible etc.

I changed the desktop appearnce from dark to bright colour and there we go. I was then able to purchase the latest version of antivirus and cleaned up thoroughly.

Hope this helps out.

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