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LCS 5 Lamson Road , Rainham Essex.

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I am actually tired of apologizing all the time to my readers for lack of constant updates on this site. Please bear with me as i have a lot to handle these days but just like i always do, let's get down the business straight away.
I dont know why but me and a client of mine got frustrated with joomla recently when it started loading partial pages and loading pages with the template css missing and also calling up templates and modules that has already been deleted. We did a lot of research in this field and after coming up with no tangible answer to fix the problem right away and of which the last option was to re-install joomla again, we decided to wave goodbye to it and move to another CMS.  A programmer demanded a large sum of money we couldn't afford to help fix this issue but we were quite concerned that the problem may develope again in the future as we are convinced it's a bug problem with joomla.
Drupal offers a very good platform and very stable with less module and bad programming issues you get with joomla. Though the graphic user  interface (GUI) and editor in joomla are superb and also the ability to install modules and configure them easily are better in joomla, drupal on the other hand offers you the ability to be independent and develope your site to your taste. if you ask me, i would say Drupal is actually a bit for advanced users.

Well just to cut the long story short, if you find yourself in our shoes and would like to move to Drupal, migrating to drupal from joomla is as easy as can be, it takes just few minutes depending on your database size.

To do this please follow this link  here and if you have any more problems please let us know. I decided to post this here because a lot of discussions may confuse people on the best approach but i find this approach to be the best so far.

Hope this helps out!

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